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2021: A year of remarkable impact and resilience

Life-changing access to life-saving care:


awarded towards surgery, permanent hair removal services, and gender-affirming hormone therapy.


free chest binders and femme shapewear garments donated to folks around the world.

1 in 3

people we served are living with a disability or chronic illness.


of the people we served have experienced homelessness or housing insecurity, either now or in the past.

Reaching folks around the world...

Together we supported 2,093 trans and non-binary people in 50 countries.

World map

2021 was the first year we provided support to people in:
Argentina, Brazil, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands, Uganda, Mexico, Algeria, Guernsey, Russia, Singapore, and Portugal.

...while providing support to youth under attack.

In response to the 100+ pieces of anti-trans legislation introduced across the United States, we quickly raised more than $20,000 dollars and sent out over 1,500 gender-affirming garments to youth in need, alongside messages of affirmation to let them know they are valid, seen, and loved.

I had been binding with painters tape for the past two years, leaving me with scars. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this chest binder: for making me feel better in my body and giving me a reason to smile.

Thank you for the femme shapewear. I've never felt more comfortable and secure. It fits perfectly and I finally feel like I see 'me' in the mirror!

With this binder, I’ve been able to focus on school and can now leave the house with ease. This binder has really improved my overall quality of life and my mental health. I can’t say how grateful I am.

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Take a closer look at program highlights and the impact on the folks we served.