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Free Chest Binders

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About the program

Point of Pride provides free chest binders (specially-designed chest compression garments) to any trans person who needs one and cannot afford or safely obtain one.

To get a free binder, please carefully read this page, then complete the Google Form linked at the bottom of this page.


We have only two requirements in an effort to be as inclusive as possible:

  • You identify as transgender (FTM, genderqueer, non-binary, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, and every other non-cis identity within the trans umbrella.)
  • You cannot afford to purchase a binder, or you cannot safely obtain a binder.

We accept all requests for support, and applications are open year-round. Once you complete your application, your request will be added to our waitlist. Shipping is discrete and 100% free, and we ship internationally to 90+ countries and counting.

Two trans youth smile as one person receives their free chest binder

Two trans youth smile as one person receives their free chest binder


This program is intended to help trans folks who otherwise can not afford or access a binder. We ask that you consider your access before applying. 

  • Are you able to pay for a binder? (If yes, we recommend our one of our partners—gc2b, Origami Customs, and urBasics—for their high-quality, affordably priced chest binders.)

What to expect

Submitting your request

  1. Carefully read this page, especially our Frequently Asked Questions section.
  2. Measure yourself.
  3. Submit your application via the Google form. Once you submit, you’ll automatically be added to our waiting list.
  4. You will receive an email* from an "" account when your garment is ready to be shipped. At that time, you can review how your name should appear on the label, what mailing address we should use, and what size garment you need. You can make updates or changes at this time.
  5. We mail out your package! You will receive another email from an "" account with your tracking number. You can enter the tracking number via USPS and set up text or email alerts for your package. (Tracking numbers can take up to 24 hours to fully activate and the USPS site may list the package as “pre-shipment” until it activates.)

*Because our team will contact you via email, please check your spam folder and the quota limit on your inbox to make sure it hasn’t been filtered or bounced back. You may need to search for email accounts that end in “” or update your settings to allow emails from “” accounts. Please note that in most instances of applicants missing status updates, the result is due to spam filters. To help us focus on supporting our community, we strongly encourage checking your account for any missed messages before reaching out. From all of us at Point of Pride, we are deeply appreciative of your patience and understanding.

Wait time

Please check our Program Status Dashboard to see what requests we are currently processing. Although we mail out about hundreds of garments every month, we average 75 new garment requests every single day. We know our waiting times are extraordinarily long, and we are working as hard as we can to meet the demand. Thank you for your patience!

Measure yourself

Our program uses multiple manufacturers, each with their own sizing guide. gc2b has created this handy video to teach you how to measure, but you'll want to check your size against your preferred manufacturer's sizing chart. 


  • If you’re in between two sizes, please round up to the larger size. Do not intentionally go down in size: you will not be able to put your binder on.
  • If you do not have a flexible measuring tape, you can use a string to measure and then compare that to a flat ruler to get your size.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot exchange or reship a binder in the event your measurements are incorrect, so please: take your time on this step. It is best to have a friend help you.
  • When you sign up for our waiting list, you won't have the opportunity to select a manufacturer yet. (That change will come in early 2025.) Signing up now will put you on our waiting list, and when we're ready to fulfill your request, we'll reach out to collect specific info about the type of binder you want.


  • Your name as it appears on the shipping label: It does not have to be your legal name unless your mail system requires that. For some folks not public or out, this may be your deadname. You should put whatever name feels safest and easiest for you to receive mail with.
  • Your email address: We recommend that you avoid email addresses on private domains or school email addresses (for example: as these sometimes have admin settings that block our emails. Our most common rejected emails are from private domains that don’t allow emails from external senders.
  • Updating your request after submitting: You can resubmit the request form using the same email address you originally signed up with. Any changes made will be associated with your original request, and you will not lose your place on our waiting list. Or, you can wait to edit your request when your binder is ready to ship. You'll be asked to edit or approve your name, mailing address, size, etc. before your garment is mailed. If you need to change your email address, please contact us.


"What kind of binder will I receive?"

95% of the binders we mail out are new or gently used binders from one of the following manufacturers: For Them, gc2b, Spectrum Outfitters, TomboyX, and Underworks. We allow you to select your preferred manufacturer, size, style (half or full) and color, but we can’t always guarantee that you'll receive the style or color you request. We guarantee you’ll receive a binder in the size you need and by the manufacturer you select, since each manufacturer uses a unique size chart.

"What does packaging look like?"

Packaging for our mailed garments is extremely discreet. Your items will be shipped in a plain white mailing envelope. The sender’s name is “Point of Pride.” Nothing with the words “LGBT” or “trans” appear on the packaging. To comply with US Postal Regulations, we cannot change the sender name on the package.


The package is flexible and will fit inside of most PO Boxes. For street address deliveries, it is usually left inside the mailbox (or on the porch/inside the door in the rare event that the mailbox is too small). Signature is not required.

If international, the customs form will list the contents as an “undershirt” and will have the item marked as a gift, but you’ll still want to check with your country’s customs office for how the customs process may affect you. Many of the provided tracking numbers stop working once the package leaves the US, so you may want to check with your local postal service to determine the best method for tracking your package once it’s left the US.

The package will contain your binder, an informational card on safer binding techniques, 1-2 stickers, and a note of support meant to brighten your day (written by other trans people, volunteers, and community members.)

"How do I wash or care for my garment?"

We recommend you follow your binder manufacturer's instructions, which typically instruct you to hand wash and hang to dry by air. You can use cold or warm water to wash your binder. Lather it with some dish soap or laundry detergent, then rinse thoroughly. If you wash it in the evening and leave it out to dry, it should ready to wear by morning. If you need to dry it using a machine, use a delicates bag to ensure your binder doesn’t get damaged or caught on other clothes.

"Can I have my binder shipped to a trusted friend or relative?"
Yes. We can ship your binder to a friend, family member, or another trusted person. Please complete the application with your friend’s mailing address, but put your information (such as your email address) for all other fields on the form. Please ensure you have the permission of your friend or relative before listing their address on your request.
"Can I have my binder shipped to a post office?"
Yes. We can ship to any valid mailing address. However, it is your responsibility to contact your local postal service and determine exactly how they need the address to be listed on your envelope in order for it to arrive successfully and be available for you to pick it up. Be sure to ask if they have any requirements such as needing to show ID when picking up your package, so that the name on your package matches the name on your ID.
"I already have a binder that no longer fits and I need a different size. Do you offer exchanges?"
Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to exchange your binder for a different sized one. We recommend reaching out to your local LGBTQ+ center, if possible, to see if they are aware of binder swaps in your area.
"I have a medical condition. Is it safe for me to use a binder?"
We are not, nor do we claim to be, healthcare providers or medical experts in any capacity. We also recognize that there is appallingly little research done that recognizes our community and that for many of our applicants, there are significant barriers to accessing knowledgable and affirming care. As much as we empathize with the challenges faced by so many in our community, we are unable to make any recommendations whatsoever for individuals with pre-existing conditions, as that would be outside the scope of our ability to support. We simply do not have the resources to provide any recommendations specific to your unique situation and we firmly believe that your health is too important to entrust to someone who does not have the knowledge and experience required to support you. If possible, we encourage you to speak directly with your healthcare provider.
"I don't need a binder anymore. How can I cancel my request?"
If you no longer need a binder, you may cancel your request here.
"Is there an age requirement?"
No. Anyone of any age may submit a request. However, in order to comply with U.S. state and federal regulations, if you are 13 years of age or younger, we can only accept your request with the consent of your parent or legal guardian. Please note that you have consent in the written responses of your application.
"Is shipping free?"
Yes, Point of Pride pays for all shipping and processing fees. (For international recipients, your country may assess additional/separate fees, tariffs, or taxes; these expenses cannot be paid for or reimbursed by Point of Pride. We'll remind you to double-check your country's customs policy when you request your garment.)
"Do you ship internationally?"
Yes. We are fully international and can ship anywhere USPS will deliver.
"Can I get more than one binder?"
While we understand many of us prefer or need multiple binders, we also must balance that with the knowledge that many of the folks on our waiting list don’t have access to a single binder. As a result, we limit our program to one free binder per household. If there are extenuating circumstances or multiple people living in a single household who each require a binder, please contact us before filling out the request form.

The following reasons do not constitute extenuating circumstances:
  • Multiple binders for laundry day
  • Multiple colors needed/wanted
  • Multiple sizes needed/wanted
"My binder is damaged or worn out. What is your replacement policy?"
Point of Pride will replace a damaged binder if:
  • you received it through us in the mail (In other words, we cannot replace binders you purchased or received from other non-profit organizations, businesses, or programs. We also cannot replace binders you claimed from a Point of Pride table at in-person LGBTQ+ events);
  • your binder was delivered within the last 24 months;
  • you contact us. We will ask you to email 2-3 photos that show your binder is no longer wearable or safe.
If our team confirms you qualify for replacement, we'll double-check your shipping and sizing information, and then mail your new binder within 2 weeks to minimize your wait time. You'll receive another email with a tracking number for your package. Please do not mail us your damaged or worn out binder. 

Submit your request

While there are a number of valid reasons for folks of all identities to wear a chest binder, this program is intended for trans folks in need only. If you do not identify as trans, non-binary, or questioning, please refrain from requesting a binder.

If you are applying on behalf of an LGBTQ+ center or organization, do not use this form. Please contact us for information.

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Binding Safely

Binding can help to reduce chest dysphoria and help you be more comfortable with your body. The most important thing is that you do it safely.



...use only a specially-designed chest binder or compression garment.

...bind for less than 8 hours a day (the more breaks and time you can go without, the better!)

...take it off before you sleep or before you exercise to give your body a rest. Sports bras are designed to move with you as you workout, while a binder can make movement and even breathing more difficult.


...use duct tape or Ace bandages as a replacement for a chest binder. Binding with these materials can restrict your ability to breathe and move properly. Ace bandages are designed to constrict, so as you breathe, they get tighter and tighter and can really hurt you.

...wear a binder that’s too small. Tightness ≠ better binding. A binder should create a masculine torso, not crush your ribcage or make it hard to breathe.

...wear a binder if you feel pain. Binding may be a little uncomfortable, but it should not hurt. Try out a larger compression shirt, find binding alternatives that work for you, or try different ways to hide your chest without binding. Pain is always an indicator that something is wrong.