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Write Letters to Trans Folks

Reminding someone that they are seen, supported, and valued is a powerful message for trans folks.

Illustration of two trans folks with a letter in an envelope

Write notes, touch lives.

One-to-one support

The cards you write are discretely mailed alongside support packages to trans people with barriers in accessing healthcare. 88% of recipients are trans youth under the age of 24.

Flexible & creative 

Volunteer by yourself or as part of a group—great for friends, GSAs, or company teams. Write as many cards and be as creative as you like!

Always needed

We send hundreds of support packages a month: handwritten cards are always in short supply. No sign-up necessary, and you can get started right away!

Card example
Card example
Card example
Card example
Card example

Get started


  • You can write your messages on whatever paper you’d like (construction paper, note cards, folded greeting cards, etc.)
  • Please do not put your cards in envelopes.
  • Feel free to use markers, stickers, etc. but please do not include glitter or cards with lots of 3D embellishments, which can cause issues when mailing them. 
  • Need inspiration? You can download one of these templates and print them at home or at an office and printing service store (i.e., Staples, Kinkos.)

What to write

  • Let recipients know that they are valid and valued.
  • Speak from the heart and share what you would tell a friend or what you would want to hear yourself when you were going through a difficult time.
  • Consider sharing positive experiences around your own experience, especially if you are in a space that you never could have imagined when you were younger.
  • Each card can be unique, or you can write the same message on each card.

Keep in mind

  • Your message should use encouraging and positive positioning. (Think “You’re awesome!” and not “You’re not a bad person.”)
  • Keep your message vague enough that the card won’t out anyone as trans to unsupportive family or roommates that might see it.
  • Be careful not to infantilize the message or card.
  • Do not include any information in which you can be easily identified. (Including your first name and home state/country is okay, if you choose to sign the card and add a bit of personalization.)

Sample messages

  • “You are enough, always!”
  • “Be strong, be beautiful, be proud, be you!”
  • “You are so loved. Don’t ever forget that!”
  • “I’m so proud of you, just for being you.”
  • “You are a gift to this world. Keep being you!”
  • “Stay strong, stay bold, stay true to yourself.”
  • “You are powerful and valuable, and I'm rooting for you!”
  • “I believe in you. Be true to who you are! —A friend”
  • “I want you to know I see you and I support you. —Your friend from state/country
  • “You are an incredible person who is growing and changing. Keep pushing forward.”

Build community

Writing cards together is a wonderful way to build connections and celebrate our diverse community. Join the hundreds of school gay-straight alliances, LGBTQ+ employee resource groups, and organizations that have participated in letter-writing.

Fill out the form below, and we'll send you some resources to help you get started!

Members of Holman HQ's LGBTQ+ ERG hold up their finished letters
"We received fantastic feedback from participants who loved taking a small break in their workday to engage in something creative that has a huge impact on others."
Briana Lewis, ENGIE
—Briana Lewis, ENGIE

Mail in your notes

Once you're ready to mail your notes, we recommend you stack them into a flat-rate mailer or box to send them in bulk.

Mail your notes to:

Point of Pride
PO Box 7824
Newark, DE 19714

Please be aware that if you mail your cards via FedEx to the PO Box, the shipment will error out unless you select "FedEx SmartPost," which uses the USPS system in the final leg of delivery.

Note: Many letter-writers also wish to cover the cost to process and ship the binders and femme shapewear these cards accompany. If you/your group would like to donate, we recommend $3 per card. This is the average cost of postage to mail a support package to a recipient within the United States. You may enclose a check payable to Point of Pride or make a donation online.

Card example
Card example

Why your support matters

All over the world, trans folks—particularly trans youth—face challenges simply by existing in systems that often don’t provide the support or protections for these folks to be able to not just live, but thrive.

In fact, when looking at trans youth, the difference a supportive community makes is huge. Those receiving support from parents in particular are more than 2 times as likely to report life satisfaction, nearly 5 times as likely to have high self-esteem, 4.5 times more likely to describe their mental health as “Very good” or “Excellent,” and 0% faced housing issues.

Conversely, those without support were 3 times more likely to suffer depression, 15 times more likely to attempt suicide and more than half of trans youth without supportive parents faced housing problems. (Source:

Additionally, trans folks—particularly trans women of color—are at statistically higher risk of violence. The last several years have been the deadliest on record for trans folks, and that’s only including the deaths that are known. Tracking this violence is challenging because people may not be out or might be misgendered in obituaries.

Despite these challenges, trans folks have continued to make incredible contributions to society and become more visible every year. Thank you for taking the time to affirm and empower the next generation.

"Seeing the card that came along with my binder... it made me feel like I was seen. I can’t thank you all enough for the smiles and the relief you’ve brought me."
—Rio, 21, Brazil
"When I received my garment, I couldn’t stop  smiling with happiness and relief. But it was the handwritten card that brought tears to my eyes. It was simple and quick but it was something I didn’t know I needed to see. I now have it on a wall in my bedroom. It’s beyond appreciated and loved."
—Amber, 18, Indiana
"I don’t know who wrote the card, let alone anything about them, but reading it made me feel more validated than anything else I’ve heard in my life. The fact that a complete stranger is willing to help me feel safe with myself and recognize my worth was enough to bring tears to my eyes."
—Grape, 17, Florida