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Meet Yarii

Yarii's story

HRT Access Fund recipient


Yarii (she/her) is a 26-year-old young trans woman from Central Georgia who’s just trying to be her most authentic self. "This road hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learned so much about myself since the start of my journey a year and a half ago," Yarii shares. "My sister passed away 2 years ago and she was the first person that I told I was trans. I owe this to her to continue my journey and I know she’s up high smiling down on me for doing what makes me happy."

Because of where Yarii lives, attaining healthcare as a trans person is extremely hard. "I can't wait to see those small changes that will enable me to be more free in my femininity." Yarii is proud of her ability to make anybody feel comfortable, and being a person that brings others together. Her wit, sassy mouth, giving heart, and even stale jokes all make her who she is.

Yarii's timeline

  • Award Granted

    October 16, 2023

    Yarii was awarded a grant toward HRT/GaHT!
  • HRT Onboarding Date

    November 5, 2023

    Yarii was seen by her HRT/GaHT provider.
  • Update

    February 15, 2024

    Yarii shared, "I've been so much more happy, free and in a place where I can continue my journey. After I stopped HRT in early 2023 I was crushed and felt like my journey had come to halt but now I'm glad that with the help of you that I can continue that journey. Surely I don't need HRT to make me ME, but it helps and is a very small piece but important piece of the puzzle. Seeing the changes slowly are so gratifying and inspires me to keep pushing forward. My friends have been telling me that they've noticed a positive and sometimes moody change in my personality lol and just seeing the changes that only you can see is everything."
  • Update

    May 5, 2024

    Yarii shared, "Since receiving the HRT grant in October so much has changed for me for the better. I see myself differently and the changes are really gratifying and exciting to see. Having others also see those changes mean alot to me.

    I’m currently in the process of changing my name and that’s exciting! Since October I finally have my own place and my mental health has gotten better. Some months I still struggle but I’m just happy to be in my own place and be in a peaceful place. "

    2024-PointOfPride_Recipient_yarii 2024-05-05


Grant details

$1,700 towards gender-affirming care.

TikTok-a-Thon grantee

About Estrogen+

On average, it costs $1,700+/year for Yarii's care.

What is it?

Estrogen+ refers to the gender-affirming hormone replacement therapy (HRT) methods that some trans women, trans femme, and non-binary people take that result in physical changes which align with their gender identity. Every person's preferences and personal healthcare needs vary, so this can include oral medications, injections, and transdermal patches.

How accessible is it for trans folks to receive this care?

For trans folks who live in states most impacted by anti-trans healthcare legislation, it can be extremely difficult to find a knowledgeable, trans-affirming provider as well as access prescription medication. Many insurance plans do not cover HRT. For trans folks without insurance coverage, the ongoing out-of-pocket expense can be challenging.

What is the impact of this care on the recipient’s life?

Estogen+ introduces a wide range of feminizing physical, emotional, and psychological changes that align with their gender identity. This often leads to a more positive emotional well-being, increased confidence, increased safety when in public, and better opportunities at employment and more.