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Our 3-year plan

In March 2023, Mercury and Jory's Annual TikTok-a-Thon for Trans Health raised an historic $2.2 million in support of Point of Pride's mission. Their tireless and entertaining efforts during their 30-hour fundraiser for Point of Pride left us overwhelmed with joy and inspired—our hearts are full of the generosity, love, and mutual support shown by our community. 

To maximize impact, we considered the level of demand from our community members and where we could meet the most pressing needs. We also recognized the ever-changing landscape of anti-trans legislation that targets our community’s ability to access care in the United States, and that we may need to be nimble and adaptable in our approach to fund folks’ care needs.

Up until 2023, Point of Pride was an entirely volunteer-operated organization, and it continues to be primarily volunteer-operated. In 2023, we began rapidly building the infrastructure needed to scale with this growth: to be able to provide meaningful, personalized support and care coordination to our growing cohorts of recipients. 

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we released comprehensive updates for our donors, supporters, and community members.

With the growing visibility of Point of Pride and the collective efforts and generosity of our community, we’re reaching more people than ever before and thousands more are applying for support than in years prior. With this in mind, we’ve planned to disburse funds over 3 years to ensure equity of access over time. 

Additional funds raised in 2024 and the coming years will go into the below programs, potentially doubling or tripling the numbers of recipients listed below.

Annual Trans Surgery Fund:

  • The average grant award is $14,500.
  • 2023: The cycle had already concluded. Additional funds were awarded to our 2023 cohort so their surgical fee was 100% covered without the need for recipients to dip into their savings. 
  • 2024: Disbursed to 47 recipients
  • 2025: 52 recipient awards reserved

HRT Access Fund:

  • The average grant award is $2,200.
  • 2023: Disbursed to 49 recipients
  • 2024: 62 recipient awards reserved
  • 2025: 23 recipient awards reserved

Electrolysis Support Fund:

  • The average grant award is $2,000.
  • 2023: Disbursed to 48 recipients
  • 2024: 85 recipient awards reserved
  • 2025: 23 recipient awards reserved

Free chest binders and femme shapewear:

  • It costs $35-40 to purchase, process, and mail a garment.
  • 2023: 4,000 recipients served

Thank you for learning more about Point of Pride and for your support. Every dollar counts; every dollar changes lives.