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Congrats to the Latest Electrolysis Support Program Recipients: Kristyn, Jennifer, Alyx, Brady, and Taylor!

Congratulations to Kristyn, Jennifer, Alyx, Brady, and Taylor! Each of them has been awarded $1,000 in financial assistance towards their gender-affirming hair removal services.

The Electrolysis Support Program provides financial assistance towards hair removal services for trans femme folks who cannot otherwise afford them. Meet our first round of 2021 recipients:

Kristyn A.Kristyn A. is a trans woman from Kentucky. She shares, “As a disabled trans person, care is certainly cost-prohibitive. My facial hair specifically has been a large source of pain and dysphoria for me most of my life.

After publicly coming out, it became a priority but remained out of reach financially. I started my medical transition two years ago and have been overjoyed at the changes, but the shadow of my dysphoria comes around whenever I am forced to shave. I am lost at the reflection in the mirror.” She is ecstatic by this funding and calls it “the bright spot I so desperately needed!”

Jennifer M.Jennifer M. is a mixed-race trans woman from Oregon who is dealing with unemployment as a direct result of her trans status.

Jennifer shares, “Being able to walk through day-to-day life without fear of trans-aggressive abuse will make it easier for me to join society. Having one less ‘tell’ about me to strangers will make it more safe to do things like go to the doctor, wait in line at the DMV, go grocery shopping, travel to places outside of larger cities… Shaving my face causes me to have ingrown hairs that also impact my appearance, and not having to shave to leave my house will put an end to those wounds.”

Alyx W.Alyx W. is a 21-year-old autistic trans femme seeking gender-affirming surgery and electrolysis. Her disability makes acquiring and holding a steady job very difficult, and as a result, she struggles to pay even for her hormonal treatment. She’s happy to take these steps towards self-fulfillment.

Alyx shared, “Transition for a lot of us is a journey with many steps, I’m just happy to have the assistance I need to feel more comfortable in my own skin.”

Brady S.Brady S. is a trans woman from Arkansas. Brady shares, “Being a transgender person in Arkansas is very difficult when it comes to receiving healthcare. Also, there are not very many options in the state of Arkansas when it comes to electrolysis or hair removal services.”

She knows how much permanent hair removal will change her life. “I currently won’t go into stores because even when I shave you can see my shadow. I’m terrified to do anything, and I know this gender-affirming care will help!”

Taylor R.Taylor R. is an AAPI, Native, and white trans femme who was born Intersex and raised as a girl by her family. She was not made aware of her Intersex status until her mid-twenties. In her application, Taylor shared, “After losing everything in the Valley Fire and then becoming homeless again after the Santa Rosa fire shortly thereafter, I moved to Riverside with nothing.”

Because of the discrimination Taylor’s faced as a result of her trans status, she is hopeful that with this support, things will be better soon.