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Privacy Policy

Point of Pride is committed to protecting your privacy. By using this site, you understand and agree to the terms of this policy.

Personal Information

You may visit our website without providing any information about yourself.

When you contact us via email or request support via a form, you provide personal information, including but not limited to your name, email, address, etc. (For grant opportunities and to better serve our community, we may also collect demographic information, including but not limited to your age, ethnicity origin, etc. It is entirely optional for you to disclose this information.)

Confidentiality is very important to us. Your personal information is kept private and stored securely. The information we collect will never be sold or passed on to third parties of any kind.

In order for us to send you more information, you must actively give consent. This means that you will not be contacted if you have not given your consent. After you have opted-in, we may send occasional communications that you may unsubscribe from at any time.


For the purposes of this website and in accordance with FCC Guidelines, a minor is defined as an individual 13 and younger. In order to comply with State and Federal requirements, we cannot accept any applications from minors without express parental or guardian consent. In order to minimize collecting personal information, including date of birth, it is incumbent upon the applicant to represent their age truthfully under penalty of perjury.


Information about your device such as your IP-address, physical location, which browser you’re using, what source your visit originated from (organic search, direct traffic etc.), how long you have stayed on the website and which pages you visit, is collected through the use of cookies.

How we use the information we collect

We only use the information according to this Privacy Policy. The information we collect will never be sold or passed on to third parties of any kind.

Purpose of data storage

In order to provide support services, we necessarily need to store applicant and recipient data.

Other purposes of data storage include: a) to improve your experience when using our website; b) to customize the communication we send to your email inbox when using our website; c) to send you resources that are related to your interests.

When is data stored

The information is stored in our database at the time you submit a form. You can easily request access to your personal data or request its removal by contacting us.

How long we retain your data

For the people we serve – If you apply for support, your data is retained for the amount of time necessary to evaluate/fulfill your support request. This amount of time varies from program to program. (The Surgery Fund, for example, has defined start and end periods, which means data is typically purged within 4 months. Our chest binder program, however, has a significant wait list, which means we often have to store information for about 2 years.)

Once a request has been evaluated and/or fulfilled, we delete all non-essential personal information. We retain your email address so that we can reference past requests (i.e., you applied for the Surgery Fund in 2019, and then again in 2020) as well as compile statistics for grant opportunities and reporting related to transgender health and wellness services.

Point of Pride will never ask you for banking information, account numbers, routing numbers, social security numbers, PINs, or other extremely sensitive information related to your banking or identity. In the event we receive this information from community members, we delete it from our servers immediately.

For donors – If you choose to create a user profile (i.e. for recurring monthly donations), we will store the personal information you provide indefinitely. All users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time (except you cannot change your username). This is so that you may view all past gifts for your own reference or for tax purposes. Website administrators can remove your account upon request.

If you do not create a user profile, we store only the transaction record within our payment processors (PayPal and Stripe), which consists of your name, email address, donation amount, and date of transaction. This is for accounting purposes and to be able to provide donors with a record of their gifts upon request. Website administrators can remove these records upon request.

How we keep your data secure

Point of Pride has taken organizational and technical measures to guard against unauthorized or unlawful access to the personal information we store. While no system is completely secure, the measures implemented by Point of Pride reduce the likelihood of a data security breach. Some examples of the controls we have in place include:

  • Best-practice processes for Point of Pride staff, including two-factor authentication and complex passwords for access to data records;
  • Limiting access of your personal information to only the Point of Pride staff members who will review/evaluate it (i.e. if you are applying for our chest binder program, only the staff members of that program will be able to view the information you provide in your application);
  • The use of online tools and payment processors with effective built-in security controls.

External websites

Our website links to other websites for additional information on certain topics. We don’t control, and are not responsible for, how these websites collect and use information. This privacy policy declaration is valid only for our domain,


We will never contact anyone if they have not actively given their consent to receiving information. This consent is asked for in the forms we use to offer resources or get in touch with us. This consent may be withdrawn at any time.

The right to access, delete and the right to file an appeal

You may at all times ask to access the information we have about you or demand that the information is deleted. You may also withdraw your consent. To make use of these rights, contact us here.

Legal basis for processing Personal Information (European visitors only)

Our legal basis for collecting and using the personal information described above will depend on the personal information concerned and the specific context in which we collect it. However, we will normally collect personal information from you only where we have your consent to do so, where we need the personal information to perform a contract with you (i.e., providing you with support services), or where the processing is in our legitimate interests and not overridden by your data protection interests or fundamental rights and freedoms. In some cases, we may also have a legal obligation to collect personal information from you.

If we ask you to provide personal information to comply with a legal requirement or to perform a contract with you, we will make this clear at the relevant time and advise you whether the provision of your personal information is mandatory or not (as well as of the possible consequences if you do not provide your personal information). Similarly, if we collect and use your personal information in reliance on our legitimate interests (or those of any third party), we will make clear to you at the relevant time what those legitimate interests are.

For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please email

Last Updated: September 2021