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Meet Eboni, 2023 Annual Trans Surgery Fund Recipient


Congratulations to Eboni, who has been awarded $12,000 towards her gender-affirming surgery!

Eboni (she/her) is a 54-year-old trans woman seeking body augmentation. For many years, Eboni fought a losing battle to find a doctor in her area of upstate South Carolina who would prescribe the HRT to trans people. When she finally found one that was willing to do so, her insurance company refused coverage. 

Eboni first became an activist without knowing it: in the 1980s, she watched many of her friends die from the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Despite the challenges going on in her own life, she sheltered as many people as she could until their last days, and gathered resources to support and prevent so many other early deaths. To this day, Eboni continues to sacrifice so she can feed and finance loved ones in her life; her remaining finances barely keep a roof over her head.

Eboni shares, "If only people could meet the person on the inside first, then they would openly welcome trans folks." She says that once her surgery is complete, "I will have the confidence to sit at the tables that were previously unobtainable to trans women and be taken more seriously." 

Eboni plans to have surgery in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!