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Meet John, 2022 Annual Trans Surgery Fund Recipient


Congratulations to John, who has been awarded $10,000 towards their gender-affirming surgery!

John (they/them) is a transfeminine individual of Indigenous heritage who is currently seeking facial feminization surgery (FFS).

After COVID-19 affected John's family in Northern Colombia, John sent their family members thousands of dollars to support them financially, and to help cover their grandmother's chemotherapy expenses.

While grateful that their savings helped their family during a very difficult time, as a result, John could no longer afford to pursue facial feminization surgery.

As John's biggest insecurity was with their face, they shared how grateful they are to have this support on their journey to accessing FFS—and finally feel more connected to themself. John looks forward to feeling peace and happiness when they look in the mirror.

With a degree in Political Science, John hopes to support LGBTQ+ individuals through non-profit work, specifically to provide financial support/safety. John loves volunteering in their community. Whether it's participating in job fairs or food drives, John looks forward to supporting people during hard times. John also enjoys going to the library. Whether it's to read nonfiction or write poetry, John finds the library to be healing and allow them to really process what they are going through.

John plans to have surgery in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates!