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Meet Malik, 2021 Annual Transgender Surgery Fund Recipient!

Congratulations to Malik A. from Michigan who has been awarded $6,500 towards his gender-affirming surgery!

Malik is an 18-year-old trans man of color currently seeking top surgery. In the past, Malik has experienced discrimination by both healthcare providers and employers, and today he faces housing insecurity along with other financial challenges, which has made obtaining surgery out of reach. “Living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t really amount to much left over for savings.”

When Malik came out to his parents in 2018, he had to enter the foster care system and support himself since. Through the help of his chosen family, however, he’s found life-saving affirmation and support, and today he is a college student with a passion for film and photography.

Malik shared, “Being an Arab queer person has never been easy. Being disowned at 15 led to a serious downfall of my mental health as I questioned my validity and my right to deserve happiness in this world. Now, I know the answer. I deserve happiness and more. I’m finally embracing who I am. Through access to surgery, I can finally stand up tall and face the world.”

Malik plans to have surgery with Dr. Scott Mosser at the Gender Confirmation Center in the coming months. The Gender Confirmation Center has been a proud sponsor with Point of Pride’s Annual Trans Surgery Fund since 2018, and we are so grateful for the work Dr. Mosser does to provide gender-affirming surgeries for the trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse community.