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Meet Miles, 2023 Annual Trans Surgery Fund Recipient


Congratulations to Miles, who has been awarded $12,000 towards his gender-affirming surgery!

Miles (he/him) is a 25-year-old disabled trans man seeking top surgery. He lives with many challenges such as a severe heart condition and neurodivergency, both of which affect his ability to work long term enough to save for care or even establish insurance. Due to this, he has turned to various crowdfunding options and avenues, but the high cost of living, HRT, and other needs have depleted these funds time and time again.

Miles is an illustrative artist and well-depended on uncle, helping his sisters with their kids and a very involved cat-dad to two fluffy kitties.

He is extremely excited for post-op life, the biggest impact daily will be the relief off his chest helping with his heart condition. Because of his health, he has been unable to bind his chest: therefore, having this surgery is truly the safest way for him to be himself.

"Dysphoria has made many seemingly normal tasks incredibly challenging," Miles shares, "and with this relief, I hope to start thriving in life, not just surviving it."

Miles will have surgery with Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher and the Gallagher Center in the coming months. This year, we welcome The Gallagher Center as a proud sponsor of Point of Pride’s Annual Trans Surgery Fund. We are so grateful for the work Dr. Gallagher does to provide gender-affirming surgeries for the trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse community.