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Navigating the VA Healthcare System as a Transgender Veteran

If you are a military service member or veteran, there may be coverage options or resources available to you that will help obtaining in gender-affirming health care.

Below, please find downloadable PDF documentation of military policies regarding transgender-related care. We hope this may be helpful in understanding and navigating your options.

A special thank-you to Zander Keig, LCSW for compiling this information. Last updated: January 2018

General Information

  1. VHA Directive (last re-issued May 23, 2018):
    • Original issued September 2011
    • Re-issued in February 2013
  2. National VHA LGBT Health Program:
    • In 2012, the Office of Patient Care Services created the LGBT Health Program (10P4Y), which provides policy recommendations, provider-education programs, and clinical services to support personalized, pro-active, patient-driven healthcare for Veterans with LGBT and related identities.
    • Direct Email:
    • Fact Sheets:
  3. National VHA LGBT Veteran Care Coordinator Program
  4. National Transgender Program Specialist
  5. LGBT Veteran Online Training, available on-demand outside the VA:
    • Direct Phone: 210-694-6221
    • Provides ongoing educational programs for VHA staff about best practices in LGBT healthcare. Many of these trainings are on internal VA websites but three trainings in “Do, Ask, Do Tell” series and three modules on Transgender Health are available ondemand outside the VA
  6. VA Facilities with LGBT Program Websites:
  7. Additional Resources