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Trans Joy & Resilience: A panel discussion


Earlier this year, Point of Pride had the privilege of hosting a thought-provoking and insightful panel discussion, "Trans Joy & Resilience."

As we approach the holiday season, we are eager to re-release this conversation, knowing that this time of year and the holiday season can evoke a wide range of emotions and challenges for our community. Through this conversation, panelists explore how they navigate their journeys, prioritize self-care, and discover moments of genuine trans joy amidst life's complexities. We hope it provides some valuable insight and inspiration for your own self-care and other affirming practices.

Panelists include:

  • Blossom (she/her) - life coach & entrepreneur, and a member of Point of Pride Advisory Board
  • Dani (open, elle) - psychotherapist working in gender-affirming care
  • Kelly (she/her) - therapist who specializes in gender care & parent of a trans youth
  • Logan (he/him) - student
  • Chris (he/him) - transgender athlete & activist & member of the Point of Pride Board of Directors


0:00 Introductions
6:57 Agency & the idea of "the wrong body"
15:09 Anti-trans legislation
32:37 Trans youth & protecting our mental health
41:43 Dysphoria & self-care
51:15 Finding affirming mental health support
1:01:52 Boundaries & close relationships
1:12:34 Resilience building
1:23:29 Wrapping up