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Meet Alejandra


Alejandra's story

Annual Trans Surgery Fund recipient

Alejandra (she/her) is a 28-year-old trans woman originally from Mexico who is currently fighting her asylum case in the United States. Due to her immigration status, she has been unable to work, and unable to qualify for the type of Medicaid that would cover the surgery she so desires and needs: breast augmentation surgery. As she also financially supports her family back in Mexico, Alejandra has been unable to put any money aside to make her surgery dreams come true.    

Since arriving in the United States, Alejandra has received support from a group called the Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network, which supports her with housing and some other expenses while she’s unable to legally work. Alejandra lives in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where she is part of a thriving community of queer and trans people, and is a member of the Trans Asylum Seeker Coordination Network, helping to support other trans asylum seekers like herself.    

Alejandra is a fun-loving girl who enjoys cooking and loves a good party. Alejandra has gone through so much in both her immigration and transition journeys, and she says that breast augmentation surgery will help her become the woman she sees herself as, the woman she knows she is inside. As some of her friends have gotten this surgery, Ale has felt longing to get it too, and she is so, so excited that her dream is finally going to become a reality. 

Alejandra's timeline

  • Award Granted

    March 30, 2023

    Alejandra was granted a Surgery Fund Award!
  • Consultation Date

    April 1, 2024

    Alejandra had a consultation with Pioneer Valley Plastic Surgery!

  • Care Received

    May 13, 2024

    Alejandra had surgery with Pioneer Valley Plastic Surgery!

Grant details

$8,000 towards gender-affirming care.

TikTok-a-Thon grantee

About MTF Top Surgery

On average, it costs $9,000+ for Alejandra's care.

What is it?

MTF top surgery is typically a breast augmentation, a surgical procedure aimed at increasing the size or improving the shape of the breasts. The procedure is customized to each individual’s desired outcome.

What is life like for a person who needs this care?

Prior to care, many trans femme folks experience dysphoria that impacts their daily life. We commonly hear from applicants that they feel “simply incomplete” without access to care, which often leads to less confidence, safety when in public, and access to life opportunities.

How accessible is it for trans folks to receive this care?

Breast augmentation is often considered a cosmetic surgery and is therefore unlikely to be covered by insurance.  It can also be hard for trans femme folks to find affirming surgeons in their region, especially in states and regions most impacted by anti-trans healthcare legislation.

What is the impact of this care on the recipient’s life?

Many trans folks who undergo top surgery report massive improvements to their overall well-being and mental health, leading to increased confidence and more comfort in relationships, navigating public spaces, and more.