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5 Impactful Ways to Recognize Trans Day of Visibility

Young person raising a trans flag

1. Participate in the Trans Rights Readathon

The Trans Rights Readathon logoThe Trans Rights Readathon is an annual call to action to readers and book lovers in support of Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) on March 31st.

In the rise of anti-trans legislation on a global level (513 bills proposed in the USA) and book banning across the United States, this is an opportunity for readers to pair their passion with action as members of and/or in solidarity with our trans and gender diverse siblings. The 2023 event raised over $234,000 in support of trans non-profit organizations!

To participate: read, support, review, and uplift books written by or featuring trans authors and characters from March 22–March 29. You can pledge to donate a certain amount per book and ask your friends, family, and chosen family to match it. Then, donate your pledge to the local, national, or international non-profit of your choosing!

Stay connected by following @transrightsreadathon on Instagram and using the hashtags #transrightsreadathon #TRR24.

2. Attend an Event

Attending a TDOV event is a great opportunity to celebrate our community's diverse experiences while feeling a sense of community and solidarity. These events often feature educational workshops, panel discussions, and performances that promote understanding, empathy, and allyship.

If you're looking for in-person TDOV events, we recommend you reach out to your nearest LGBTQ+ community center to see what's available near you. CenterLink LGBTQ Community Center Member Directory is a great tool to find a center near you.

3. Practice Self-Care 

TDOV is as great a day as any to center our self-care practices. Self-care looks different for each of us: it might be as simple as spending time in nature, or offering kind words to yourself, or doing an activity that brings you joy, or eating a favorite snack.

One soothing option is to check out Point of Pride's guided meditation for trans folks: it's an opportunity to relax, breathe, and celebrate being a part of our community.

4. Support a Trans-Owned Business

Another flexible option with a big impact in your community: support local or online trans-owned businesses. The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce's list of affiliate chambers is a great place to start your research to find queer-owned businesses. Googling "trans-owned businesses" is also a great way to kickstart your research, both for local and online businesses.

5. Write Letters of Support to Trans People

Smiling volunteer looks at camera while writing notes of supportVolunteering (whether alone or together with others) is an awesome way to feel community connection. One easy, flexible way to volunteer is by writing letters of support to trans youth and adults all across the country and around the world.

Point of Pride sends these notes to recipients of our free chest binder and femme shapewear programs. These notes have a huge impact on the people that receive them: it's a powerful reminder they are seen, supported, and valued. It's also an extremely positive experience for the person writing their cards: it's an opportunity to connect with a stranger, to speak from the heart, and to celebrate trans joy!

All you need to get started is paper and pen: the rest is up to you and your creativity! See the full details, sample messages, and how to get started.


P.S. This TDOV, Mercury Stardust, Jory, and Point of Pride are teaming up again to fundraise for trans healthcare! A donation of any size will have a huge impact on our community. Learn more and join us as the livestream kicks off on Friday, March 29!