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6 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Pride Month with Your ERG or Company

Volunteers hosting letter-writing events for Point of Pride

1. Host an LGBTQ+ Speaker

Learning never stops, and workshops or speaking events from LGBTQ+ topic experts are a great way to engage your ERG (and entire company.) A speaker can share personal experiences, insights, and knowledge, helping to educate and raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues and identities. Their expertise can promote empathy, challenge biases, and inspire allyship among ERG members as well as the wider employee base.

2. Attend a Local Pride Event

Getting outside of the office with other ERG members is not only beneficial but also incredibly fun! Attending a local pride event is a great opportunity for members to bond and connect on a personal level outside of the usual work environment, particularly at a time when so many companies are remote-only or hybrid workplaces with less in-person engagement? What better way to get out and strengthen camaraderie during Pride Month than by going to a Pride event?

3. Organize an LGBTQ+ Book or Film Club

A book or film club provides an opportunity to engage in thoughtful discussions, broaden perspectives, and foster a sense of community. During Pride Month, it's also a great opportunity to select a diverse range of LGBTQ+ literature or movies that celebrate different orientations and gender identities.

You can set the frequency of the meetings, the location (in-person or virtual), and the preferred method of communication, making it a really flexible activity for your participants. Before you meet, you can provide a list of discussion prompts or questions that guide conversations and foster connections among your members. Here are some ideas to inspire your list:

4. Decorate the Office/Community Space

An activity like decorating the office or a community space is an awesome way for employees or group members to come together and get creative. Participants can write words of affirmation that celebrate LGBTQ+ folks and experiences, or collage together stories, photographs, and more. The artwork might be temporary for Pride Month, or a permanent installation.

5. Support a Local LGBTQ+ Business

Another super flexible option with a big impact in your community: support local LGBTQ+ businesses. Some ideas include:

  • Getting a catered lunch from a restaurant brought to the office
  • Going out for a coffee meet-up at a local cafe
  • Planning a Happy Hour at a bar, lounge, or brewery
  • Visiting a fitness facility, art studio, or other space for a team-building event

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce's list of affiliate chambers is a great place to start your research to find LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

6. Volunteer to Write Letters for Point of Pride

Smiling volunteer looks at camera while writing notes of supportVolunteering together is one of the best ways to engage your ERG's members. One easy, flexible way to volunteer is by writing letters of support to trans youth and adults all across the country and around the world.

These notes have a huge impact on the people that receive them: it's a powerful reminder they are seen, supported, and valued. It's also an extremely positive experience for the person writing their cards: it's an opportunity to connect with a stranger, to speak from the heart, and to celebrate trans joy!

To volunteer, all you need are a space, your participants, and some paper and pens. The rest is up to you and the creativity of your team!

  • You can set up a letter-writing station with supplies to be present in your office throughout the month. This allows folks to drop-by as they like and write a card or two.
  • Or, you can schedule an event with a start and end time, in which employees can drop into a conference room to write cards with others. Many ERGs pair this with a speaker or facilitator who shares some information on LGBTQ+ issues and topics, tying it back to Pride Month.
  • Or, you can have it be entirely virtual, in which employees make their cards at home and send them in on their own.

See the full details, sample messages, and how to get started.

Happy Pride!