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2018 Skid Row Carnival of Love Recap

Point of Pride had the privilege of hosting the first-ever LGBTQ support tent at the Skid Row Carnival of Love in Los Angeles on January 27, 2018!

The Skid Row Carnival of Love is an initiative founded by Justin Baldoni in 2015. This annual event works to build community by providing resources and love to the oftentimes forgotten and overlooked homeless population of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Leading up to the event and all day long, our team was so excited to participate and be able to connect with the many LGBTQ+ folks who are living with homelessness in this area.

2018 Skid Row Carnival of Love Recap

We gave away 30 bras, 12 pairs of breast forms, 1 wig, and more than 50 chest binders – three of them went to trans men who had never worn a binder before! But the one-on-one interaction was incredible: we chatted with folks, listened to their stories, and did our best to provide each person who came to our booth with direction and support in whatever form we could.

Special thanks to the generous folks who donated blankets, pillows, board games, and bean bag chairs, the volunteers who helped make this possible, the Los Angeles LGBT Center for providing free sex education, and the WayFarer Foundation for putting on an incredible event.