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Congratulations to the 2023 Recipients of the HRT Access Fund

The HRT Access Fund: Recipient update

Point of Pride has partnered with PlumeFolxQueerMed, and QueerDoc to provide access to gender-affirming hormone therapy through the HRT Access Fund, a unique scholarship-like program for trans folks who cannot afford or access this care.

Statistics this cycle

There were a total of 1,592 applicants this cycle.

  • 47% of applicants are youth under 24
  • 6% of applicants are adults over 45
  • 48% of applicants are people of color
  • 66% of applicants have dealt with homelessness/housing insecurity, either currently or in the past
  • 37% of applicants are living with a disability or chronic illness
  • 11% of applicants are the primary caregiver of another individual
  • 46% of applicants have dealt with discrimination from a healthcare provider, either currently or in the past
  • 58% of applicants have dealt with discrimination from an employer, either currently or in the past
  • 10% of applicants have experienced incarceration, either currently or in the past
  • 63% of applicants live in states considered high-risk for anti-trans legislation

The process of reviewing these applications and selecting recipients is incredibly difficult, as our organization has extremely limited funding available, and each and every applicant is so worthy of access to the care they deserve.


There were 49 recipients this cycle. In keeping with our guiding principle of equity, our grantmaking committee prioritized folks living in states where gender-affirming healthcare is restricted or under attack.

  • 41% of recipients are youth under 24
  • 8% of recipients are adults over 45
  • 61% of recipients are people of color
  • 77% of recipients have dealt with homelessness/housing insecurity, either currently or in the past
  • 47% of recipients are living with a disability or chronic illness
  • 15% of recipients are the primary caregiver of another individual
  • 77% of recipients have dealt with discrimination from a healthcare provider, either currently or in the past
  • 76% of recipients have dealt with discrimination from an employer, either currently or in the past
  • 14% of recipients have experienced incarceration, either currently or in the past
  • 77% of recipients live in states considered high-risk for anti-trans legislation



Helena (she/her) had put off her medical transition for years due to existing physical disabilities and her inability to maintain steady health. The autoimmune disease that Helena lives with has been unresponsive to standard care. Now that her health is in a place where she can pursue HRT, her state refuses to implement Medicaid expansion. Helena could not wait any longer, so she resorted to self-managing her own transition while still trying to navigate safer methods as well as acquire the documentation needed for legal changes. "Due to how her disease affects males and females differently, estrogen actually helps lessen arthritic symptoms. Starting HRT has already resulted in a massive improvement to my quality of life," she shares. "I've regained a significant amount of function back, and now, I'm hopeful for my new future." Helena is an avid web gamer who provides vocal training and cosmetic services to other trans femmes.


Romero (he/him) is a 21-year-old college student seeking HRT while in school and also working. Due to a medical error during his first year of HRT, he's faced a number of setbacks, and now has no health insurance: combined, this makes it impossible for him to balance big expenses like clinical appointments and textbooks. He lives at home with his parents, but has bigger dreams of making it on his own that seem almost impossible in his current position. "I'm looking forward to finally being able to feel secure about my transition and healthcare," shares Romero. "After a long time of complications and issues, I'm so ready to receive this grant." Romero describes himself as a scholar, a Roquero, an artist, Chicano, and for the people. He is a proud brown boy who does it all. Romero loves his homework at Florida International University and serving the Latin and immigrant community in South Florida through organizing and art. He also loves making his own weird art and spending time with his wife.


Jamie (he/they) is a 20-year-old trans masculine person. He's also full-time college student who works almost full-time on top of classes in order to make ends meet and support himself. Jamie has battled with his chronic illness as an individual living with Lupus and has pushed through the pain and busy schedule of college in order to attempt to afford the hormone therapy he desperately needs to feel right in his own body and feel respected among his peers, but has been unable to afford HRT despite his best efforts. "Through hormone therapy, I will finally feel comfortable presenting as I've always wanted to, and hope to feel more accepted among peers at my conservative college," Jamie shares. He is an English major aspiring to one day attend graduate school and become a professor of English. He is also an active member of the local journalism community, writing about important political matters in the local community as well as his home state.


Avery (they/he/she) has struggled with many challenges in the last several years since going no contact with their family. Due to medical conditions, they are unable to work, and rely on their partner for support. Avery lives in East Texas, and while there are some queer-friendly spaces, there are also many people who are not tolerant to trans people. "A lot of bigoted people give you that side eye glare," Avery says. "I don't like going out because of this." Avery sees access to HRT as self-care: "It will feel amazing to finally take this step towards my mental health. I am finally at a place in my life where everything is settling down, and now I can finally take the time to nurture myself and my needs." Avery is an animal lover with 6 cats. They enjoy drawing and hope to become a tattoo artist in the future.


Rachel (she/her) has been working closely with case workers, trying for many years to finally transition and become her true authentic self. She is hopeful that HRT will provide a sense of self-love and safety: "I will finally feel like myself. I won't feel as scared to go outside my home." She lives with her beloved pet rabbit.


Yarii (she/her) is a 26-year-old young trans woman from Central Georgia who’s just trying to be her most authentic self. "This road hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learned so much about myself since the start of my journey a year and a half ago," Yarii shares. "My sister passed away 2 years ago and she was the first person that I told I was trans. I owe this to her to continue my journey and I know she’s up high smiling down on me for doing what makes me happy." Because of where Yarii lives, attaining healthcare as a trans person is extremely hard. "I can't wait to see those small changes that will enable me to be more free in my femininity." Yarii is proud of her ability to make anybody feel comfortable, and being a person that brings others together. Her wit, sassy mouth, giving heart, and even stale jokes all make her who she is.


Lilith (she/her) is a self-described "homeless agoraphobe:" a transient sex worker struggling with housing insecurity, job insecurity, and lack of support from family. Lilith lives with major anxiety, depression, PTSD, and sensory processing issues associated with ADHD and Autism spectrum disorder. "The inconsistencies I experience with my mental health associated with my lack of access to HRT make receiving this care almost life or death," she shares. Lilith has a degree in theatre with a focus on lighting design, and is a former fine dining cocktail bartender. She describes herself as an audiophile and makeup enthusiast. 


Quinn (she/her) lives in a very conservative area, so finding any medical care that is open to accepting trans patients has been an ongoing battle. She had nearly given up hope of ever being able to pursue a medical transition because of these barriers. "I've felt extremely depressed, trapped in my own body. Knowing that I couldn't access healthcare made it worse. When I learned I was a recipient of this program, I started crying. I'm so excited: this is life-changing to say the least." Quinn is a licensed cosmetologist, artist, video game addict, Dungeons and Dragons nerd, and a girlfriend.


Aria (she/her) is a 27-year-old trans woman who has been out for several years. Due to financial challenges and recent housing insecurity, she has been unable to take on the additional expenses of starting HRT. When she first attempted to begin the process, she was given the run-around on requirements and how to start. Although she was living as herself socially, she still felt like she was missing something, and did not know when (or if) that would change. Now, whe is elated and eager to see how she grows into the person she has always been inside. "I can't wait for people to see me as I truly am," she says, "and for all the fun outfits I'll be able to show off!" Aria is an artist through and through: between music (her true love) to painting, drawing, and poetry, she loves to create and wants to give back to the world however she can. A carefree spirit, she loves to make people smile, and to spread joy whenever possible.


Fay (she/her) is a 20-year-old trans woman seeking HRT.  She lives in a constant state of feeling caged due to the unsupportive family members and friends. She has been struggling financially in terms of job hunting and is barely able to make ends meet on her current income. After being rejected by her own mother at 19 for simply being herself, Fay has been trying to escape her toxic home life all while managing her transition for her own well-being. "I've been going back and forth in trying to access gender-affirming care for years," Fay shares. "Now, I can finally start my life. Be myself fully. No more stifling who I am by feeling like I'm hiding my entire self." Fay describes herself as a loving creative, the embodiment of empathy with love for all around her. She is both a singer and writer looking to spread the message of acceptance and compassion.


Leslie (she/her) is a trans femme who has been living openly since her early 30s. "I have been seeking HRT most of my adult life with little success," Leslie says, "mostly due to misinformation and lack of resources in the areas I lived in. I currently reside in Florida, which recently had blocked trans health from Medicaid recipients." Through healthcare, she is excited to experience a sense of completeness, wholeness, and confidence for her inner spirit. Leslie describes herself as a very social person.


Elise (she/her) is a 54-year-old homeless trans woman who is just about one year into accepting who she is, and is eager to more fully realize her true self. In the past, Elise has had great challenges with self-loathing and alcohol abuse in trying to deal with ADHD and pretending to be someone she wasn't. "Gender-affirming care is essential to being able to feel, think, and look like the person I really am," Elise says. "It will help me interact with the world authentically. Once I decided to live authentically and accept who I am, it was the most life-changing and exhilarating feeling. I realized so much, and gained the confidence and self-knowledge to do anything I desire with my life."


Jasper (he/him) is a Afro-Latinx trans man trying to make ends meet. While he was able to overcome homelessness a year ago, his life has felt like a rollercoaster navigating employment challenges and anti-trans laws in his home state of Florida. "Jobs seem fearful to hire trans people right now. I've been crowdfunding to get by, but it hasn't been enough to cover my hormones, which has led to me being off my medication for two months now," Jasper shares. "As a trans man who unfortunately does not have the financial stability to consider top surgery at this time, my weekly T shot is the only thing that can provide some relief to the immense amount of dysphoria I wake up with every day. Having to miss my shots for weeks on end would send me into a spiral." Jasper is techno DJ and co-founder of the event collective Cyber Island, which aims to create safe, fun spaces for trans people and people who typically can't access raves due to disability or financial instability.


Sakyra (she/her) is a 21-year-old seeking to be fully adorned with her own gender identity through HRT and gender-affirming surgeries. Sakyra is a full-time student who is not medically insured and has limited access to trans-friendly services in her area. She has been transitioning since graduating in 2020, but had to pause her pursuit of HRT due to the rising costs involved with caring for her disabled mother. Sakyra describes herself as a vibrant, creative, and electric spirit who often seeks for the finest details of life. "My entire life will feel the positive impact of finally receiving gender-affirming care. I will not only become more confident in my own skin, but my mother will reap the benefits of having her daughter living as her most authentic self."


Anthony (he/him) is a disabled trans man of color who has been seeking testosterone HRT for a long time. He has faced significant barriers with transportation to get to care providers as well as finances due to education and healthcare costs. "Being on testosterone will increase my confidence greatly, and help me feel more comfortable with who I am," he shares. Anthony is a volunteer tutor for under-represented students in computer science. He also works in data science, working with educational data to improve pedagogical instruction.


Paula (she/her) is a 38-year-old trans woman who came to the United States in search of a job and a better life to be able to transition, after she was unsuccessful in obtaining gender-affirming care and medical guidance in her country of origin. When she arrived in the United States, she encountered many challenges in finding stable employment, which delayed her transition. Paula shares, "I always dream of going out, of having a social life like any woman. I am so very grateful for this opportunity, to have my physical body align with my gender identity." Paula considers herself a humble woman and lover of the arts. She collaborates whenever she can with LGBTQ+ people in her country and is always willing to volunteer in social work.


Natasha (she/her) is a 50-year-old trans woman that recent had her "ah ha" moment: the moment she knew she was not going to hide who she was meant to be any longer. "My happiness means everything to me," she shares. "Through HRT, my life will go through a complete 360. I can be truly happy, and not just have to pretend." Natasha is very active when it comes to helping others in the LGBTQ+ community find themselves and their voice.


Charlie (they/ey) is a single parent to two kids and political science student struggling to stay on HRT. Their financial need has been so significant that they are donating plasma and living on loans to get by. It's also been challenging for Charlie to find a primary care doctor who is trans competent and affirming, and their insurance and state legislation now excludes coverage for necessary care like HRT and surgery. "This is a huge weight lifted," Charlie shares. "I had given up hope and worried I'd have to stop HRT when my T gel prescription runs out any day now... The thought was a huge source of constant anxiety and pain. Now I can breathe." They describe themselves as a "hater of capitalism, lover of learning, and serial hobbyist" currently passionate about skincare, sewing, and park quad skating.


Maybelline (she/her) is an undocumented transgender woman from El Salvador. She has faced significant challenges accessing care due to her immigration status and socioeconomic status. She has tried using DIY hormones on and off, but as she gets older, she wants to make sure she is being safe. Since she doesn't have insurance, it has been really hard for her to receive care through a clinic or doctor's office. Maybelline is excited to finally be back on hormones, but safely and with supervision this time: "I've been off hormones for almost a year due to lack of access. This has been really hard on me, as I've noticed my body change back in ways I do not like. It causes me a lot of dysphoria. I am looking forward to seeing my body change and feeling more confident in my womanhood." Maybelline is very proud of her trans identity and tries to help her community in any way she can.


Frank (he/him) is a 24-year old trans man who cannot recall a time when he has been able to take his hormones on a regular basis due to financial difficulties over the years. "I'm so grateful to have received this grant, as I can now take my medication as prescribed for a whole year!" Frank feels as if sometimes he is an outcast in society, considering he is a lot different than most people. Although he may seem different to others, he is a pretty simple guy who just wants to build a family, live frugally, and live a simple life. Frank shares that he would not be here today without gender-affirming healthcare. There have been many times where he has not been able to afford hormones, and times where he has had to stretch out his hormones to last for a longer period of time. He functions in a better way when he is able to take his hormones on a regular basis. 


Dax (she/they) is a 33-year-old Black trans femme who is a little over a year into HRT. She was finally able to afford gender-affirming care via Plume while working as a Hospitality Specialist, where she was one of many employed by hospitals during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help ensure precautions were upheld by all entering spaces shared with the medically vulnerable. As COVID precautions became lax, her contract was terminated, and her access to HRT jeopardized. Financial scarcity has followed her since. "Undergoing HRT has easily been the most free I have ever felt in my life. I have felt present in my own body, and recognized me within, in ways I've never known possible before HRT," Dax shares. "This grant will save me from having to make survival-based choices between honoring my growth and having more resources to maintain housing security. It means my transition does not get put on hold. It means I get to grow further into me." Dax describes herself as loving, a firm believer in truth, and a fierce defender of care and our community. She is a dreamer who believes a better world is possible for all of us. "I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams."


Chandler (he/they) is a 22-year-old Black trans guy. He is unemployed due to his mental health, and his long lasting dream of starting T has been out of reach due to his financial hardships. Having recently moved away from a unsupportive environment, he has been learning to navigate the newfound independence and find his chosen family. "Receiving gender-affirming hormone therapy will tremendously improve my overall well-being and allow me to truly see myself in the mirror for the first time," Chandler shares. "Voice dysphoria has prevented me from fully pursuing a music career, so I’m excited to hear myself and learn how to sing with my new voice." Chandler knows that the experience will be a life altering journey and he can’t wait to go along for the ride. A multi-instrumentalist musician and poet, Chandler notes that music has gotten him through the hardest times. He hopes to one day share his art with the world.


Madison (she/her) is a 32-year-old disabled trans woman who has been struggling to afford HRT due to high cost of medications. She struggles to make ends meet every month, especially in the summer with electricity prices rising.  Madison currently lives in a small town with her two brothers. She wants to finally feel like herself: "I'm excited to start my journey, to finally feel comfortable in my own body. I'm looking forward to the rest of my life now, living as the woman I was meant to be." Madison shares that she very shy and likes to stay in and keep to herself most of the time.


Enzo (they/he) is a 28-year-old mathematician, creative, first-generation immigrant, person of two-spirit and color. They live with serious financial challenges due to the stigma of incarceration. This does not stop Enzo from learning new trades and applying them proactively as a community leader and researcher for multiple philanthropic organizations. They know one day they will be able to live a full life post-surgery, and aims to shine in the face of adversity as a guide for transgender youth. They are thrilled to adventure into the next chapter of their gender-affirming journey. Enzo will feel more motivated than ever to reach their palpable goals in computer science and mathematical modeling. After a warm tea, you can hear Enzo speak of his plans enthusiastically: "In five years, you will see a new international, open-source database for hate crimes and a new system of equations describing HIV-1 virotherapy. Math is cool, but being trans is even cooler. It opens doors to your mind."  Enzo is a critical thinker, language learner,  rhetorician, and logistical organizer. He can be seen behind the scenes at fundraising events in multiple states, utilizing his mind and body to solve challenges as a proud advocate for their community. 


Billie (they/them) is a disabled BIPOC trans man who came out in 2015 and first started HRT in Florida in 2018. "HRT has been really life-saving for me, and I'm glad I started when I did," shares Billie. "It helps me feel more comfortable in my skin, and more like my true authentic self." Billie is an adoptee and works from home full-time.


Violet (she/her) is a 23-year-old trans women who has been transitioning for 4 years. For Violet, HRT makes her feel complete. "It's been so hard for me to afford my HRT, which is so important to me," Violent shares. "I’ve been trying to get on a proper health insurance for about a year and it’s a hassle. Buying my estrogen out of pocket has been so expensive. I was juggling a choice of if I’m getting my medicine or groceries this month. This a huge blessing for me." Violets says that being trans is a huge part of her identity, but not everything: she describes herself as a hilarious person who loves to laugh and make others laugh. She enjoys being in nature, especially the beach. "I also love going to drag shows whenever I can: it feels so empowering to be around my community."

SV (he/they) a 22-year-old Autistic masc non-binary person of color. They are seeking to further their transition with HRT. Not only does SV live in a conservative state, but he also has a strained financial situation due to his disabilities and mental health related care. "Gender-affirming care will not only improve my mental health but ensure my safety while living in a conservative area," SV shares. "This means I can finally rest easy knowing my body finally matches how I've always felt." SV loves being outdoors and aims to be a wildlife biologist. He's an avid vulture culture fan and often takes hikes to find new and interesting things to write about.

Zim (they/he) is a 21-year-old genderfluid Intersex person seeking gender-affirming HRT. They came out 10 years ago and were unable to transition due to the unsafe environment they lived in. After escaping his situation, Zim moved to his home state of Florida. Between Florida's passage of anti-trans laws and no income due to disability, he has been unable to afford HRT. This has significantly impacted his mental and physical health. "Due to my voice dysphoria, I had given up on singing, a major passion of mine," Zim shares. "The effects of being forcibly feminized from medical abuse will be fixed with HRT. I'll finally be able to go back to vocal performance." Zim is Autistic and a person with Complex Disabilities (meaning he has various conditions that impact different aspects of their mind and body.) They are also a Mixed Indigenous Turtle Islander and creates art inspired by his culture, queerness, and disability. Their art ranges from music, to visual arts, to jewelry and crafts.


Mary (she/her) started out in life experiencing severe trauma: she is a survivor of repeated childhood sexual abuse from a young age, and needed life-saving surgery at age 9 following the abuse. Mary suffers from PTSD and a crippling panic disorder, and survives on SSI and food stamps. She has never been capable of a driver's license or living alone. "It's time for a new person to enter this world," says Mary. "I'm eager to show this world that in spite of all my hardships, there is a beautiful, unbroken person ready to give and receive love, and make this world a better place." In her childhood, Mary moved and was tested extensively by the school system in a different state. It was discovered she was dyslexic and nearly illiterate, but at same time had a very high IQ. Often neglected and eventually going non-verbal for many years, Mary taught herself guitar, piano, violin, and can compose complex music without ever receiving any instruction. She also taught herself many skills used in video game development, such as 3D modeling, and programming game engines. 


Tobias (he/him) lives with mental health issues that make it hard for him to get a job. He's tried a number of alternative ways to raise money for HRT and finally feel affirmed, but none have had luck. "I honestly didn't think I'd live this long," Tobias shares, "and so I had lost hope in being able to transition, Now, I have hope: gender-affirming healthcare gives me the hope of one day finally feeling like myself." Tobias describes himself as a great listener, and he actively strives to help the people around him.


Marshall (they/he) is a 20-year-old trans masculine person seeking HRT. Because they live in a conservative state, it was incredibly difficult to find a provider that would prescribe HRT, and insurance plans in the state don’t cover trans healthcare. "I'm excited to alleviate my dysphoria through hormone replacement therapy," Marshall shares. "Receiving this grant will allow me to live as my true self." Marshall is an active member of their community, serving as a mentor to younger LGBTQ+ students at their university.


Bailey (they/he) is a 25-year-old non-binary person seeking HRT for their transition. Due to SSI and restrictions placed on Medicaid coverage for transgender healthcare in the state of Florida, Bailey was unable to afford and access the care they needed. Due to their disability, they've also had trouble holding employment, and while they work currently, dysphoria has affected their work performance and mental health. They look forward to the day they can see themselves in the mirror for who they truly are and to gain self confidence and happiness. "I am hopeful my body and voice will align with my non-binary gender identity, and give me the courage to change my legal name," says Bailey. "It would mean starting a new chapter in my life as who I truly am." Bailey works at a veterinary receptionist, where they help schedule clients for healthcare for their pets (and shower the patients with love.) Their goal is to go back to school and work in a library or archive. They're a digital artist with a particular fondness for Dungeons and Dragons. Most importantly, Bailey is a caring, passionate person who has hope for the acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Koda (he/they) is a 23-year-old trans masculine person. Due to housing insecurity and other financial factors, Koda’s journey to obtain testosterone had to be put on hold. "Receiving HRT will directly affect my mental health in the best way possible," he shares. "My gender dysphoria will be lessened." Koda describes himself as an introvert who enjoys skateboarding and listening to music of all kinds.


Alex (they/he) is a 23-year-old transmasc enby seeking continued access to HRT. They are disabled and have had difficulties with employment and access to health insurance. They have tried to fundraise for immediate expenses from time to time with little success. This made it difficult to afford hormones and has resulted in several gaps in their care. Alex is relieved and thankful to have access to HRT for the coming year. They said, “My mental health is much better on T. I have a lot more stability, which lets me take better care of myself. Not having to worry about affording it for the next year is a really big deal and will let me focus more on the other things I’m dealing with.” Alex spends much of their free time with their friends. They enjoy Dungeons and Dragons and various creative activities such as writing, drawing, and crocheting.


Luna (she/her) is a trans woman living in one of the most conservative areas of Texas. "My journey to get care has kind of been nothing but hitting a brick wall," she shares. "At one point I remember even wanting to give up, thinking there was no hope for me to get the treatment I need." Luna is most excited to be able to use the appropriate bathrooms with more safety, and to wear the clothing that gives her full confidence. She is hopeful that she'll have more people in her life that will accept her for who she is. Luna loves to make music and has dreamt of becoming a rapper since a young age. She also loves to play video games and make gaming content on the Internet to share with friends and others.


Kyeisha (she/he/they) has always struggled to afford proper medical treatment, often opting for online indiscreet compounded herbal remedies as a result. Because she currently financially supports her retired mother and is currently in the process of finalizing a home purchase, Kyeisha doesn't have the financial resources to get the healthcare she needs. Despite challenges, Kyeisha is confident and open about who he is, even when dysphoria plagues his thoughts. They share, "Through HRT, I will finally be able to let go of the chains holding me back. I will no longer feel held back or out of place." Kyeisha describes herself as an intelligent, honest person who enjoys tucking away in her "Hobbit Hole" with a nice cup of tea and an old-school video game.


Mark (he/him) is a 32-year-old trans man. The last couple years have been extremely financially and emotionally difficult for Mark: he was homeless, car-less, and jobless. Without a car, Mark spent a significant amount on time commuting by bus. His most recent move into transitional housing into his own apartment with the YWCA meant moving away from this medical provider and therefore being unable to access treatment. "Gender-affirming care will allow me to live the best version of myself," Mark says. "I won’t have to worry about 'how will I get to this appointment?' or 'will I have enough to pay for treatment and medication?' This is a huge burden that has been lifted off my shoulders." Mark is a single parent to 3 amazing little boys, as well as a recovering addict with 2½ years sober.


Eilene (she/her) is a 27-year-old trans woman who lost her job and was temporarily homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic. She's been struggling to maintain employment since, which has made affording HRT impossible. She currently lives with her parents while she continues to look for a source of income. Without HRT, Eilene's dysphoria makes it difficult to interact with others. She becomes irritable, loses sleep, and has difficulty when others touch her. This exaggerates her anxiety and makes it difficult to socialize or work for extended periods. "With access to HRT, I am much more sociable, my ability to talk with others improves, my energy levels even out: I'm me," Eilene shares. "This in turn has made it easier for me to maintain both employment and friendships." Eilene is a mostly independent person. She enjoys spending time resting, cooking new foods, and making spreadsheets and schedules for future ideas.


Erin (they/he) is a 19-year-old disabled trans masc individual seeking HRT. Their lack of employment due to their disability, along with local transphobic legislation, has meant he's been able to afford the high costs of medication. Erin is a fun-loving nerd, who loves playing video games and Dungeons & Dragons with their friends and family. Despite his disability, he has dreams of becoming a meteorologist and takes the opportunity to study any chance they get. Erin is excited to start HRT and start to be able to live as themself: "I will finally begin to conquer the dysphoria that has plagued me for years."


Jonas (he/him) is an 18-year-old trans male who has struggled to find gender-affirming care. He lives in a situation that does not allow him to be able to afford healthcare due to financial struggles and difficulties with family relationships. Jonas turned to GoFundme and worked multiple jobs to help save up, but still struggles to 


Juniper (she/her) is a trans woman attempting to find herself in the face of adversity. Due to financial and social hurdles, she has struggled to safely pursue her transition without discrimination or sacrifice. Deceptive and prejudice healthcare and insurance practices have also complicated her journey, among other difficulties. She is incredibly grateful and relieved to know that despite other hardships, she will be able to pursue the body she was meant to have, no matter what. "With this extra stability and safety, I can prioritize my mental health and continue my ever-evolving adventure towards self-realization," Juniper shares, adding: "Carpe Diem!" Juniper enjoys exploring countless worlds through literature, movies, music, and tabletop roleplaying games. She also finds great love in drawing her own characters and worlds.


Rilo (they/them) is a 28-year-old non-binary trans person who has faced a lot of challenges: they have been uninsured and housing insecure for some time, and are a recent survivor of domestic abuse. They have found it very difficult to find support and resources, but are determined to rebuild their life in a holistic way, and knew skipping over their need for life-saving healthcare was not an option anymore. Through access to HRT, Rilo is excited about being able to walk their dog every day without being riddled with dysphoria. "I most look forward to being outside, in the sunshine, without having to hunch over or hang my head when people pass by. I want to relax my shoulders and turn my face towards the sky and feel euphoric." Rilo is a very dedicated pet parent, and their favorite thing they accomplished this year was raising two baby goats from birth. Their favorite hobby is writing poetry and drawing comics. As a first-generation Haitian, Rilo is passionately invested in decolonizing and returning to ancestral and indigenous ways of thinking, as a way to enact global liberation.


Eve (she/they) is a 25-year-old trans woman seeking HRT to become the woman she's always been on the inside. Eve is dealing with a few financial problems from growing up labeled as a low-income individual. She is currently going to school for computer science and is also facing housing insecurity due to her parents not supporting her. Despite challenges, Eve is excited to show the world the woman she's always been on the inside. Eve shares, "I can finally be free and present myself as a woman. I'll be able to wear what I've always wanted while out in public with friends and family. I can't wait to show everyone the beautiful woman I've always been." Eve is an active member in a few online trans communities and supports other individuals that are learning their gender identity.


Zackary (he/him) is a 26-year-old trans man seeking HRT, top, and bottom surgery. He lives paycheck to paycheck and has insurance that excludes gender-affirming care of any sort. He has been rejected for who he is by his biological family and has had to cut them out of his life due to abuse. He is currently dealing with housing insecurity and cannot work much due to mental health issues. He's being supported financially by his best friend but neither are able to afford the gender affirming care he needs. "This care will get me one step closer to reflecting who I am on the inside to who I am on the outside," Zackary shares. "I want nothing more than to be recognized for who I am by everyone on the street, to no longer be mistaken for the wrong gender by everyone that passes." Zackary is a fan or horror movies, video games, and mystery books. He has 3 cats and loves to spend his time cuddling them and teaching them tricks. He loves to collect stuffed animals and puzzles.


Nipkin (he/him) is a 31-year-old transgender man in Florida. He began transitioning in late April of 2022 when he finally thought things were safe for he and his wife to begin this journey. Since that time, especially with SB254 being passed, it has been incredibly difficult to keep a steady income high enough to afford his bills, his daughter’s care, and his own care as well. "I’ve had to use GoFundMe to support a lot of our transition costs this last year," Nipkin shares. "Knowing my gender-affirming care is secure for the next year is such a huge lifesaver. As a recipient, I’ll finally be able to have the ability to buy groceries and have care." Nipkin describes himself as an artist and a collector of rare plants who also loves writing poetry, reading, and playing the violin.


Cyprin (he/they) is a 23-year-old transmasculine person currently in the process of applying for disability. He currently has no income and is being cared for by his partner. They've been searching for multiple years in getting gender-affirming care in the hopes of feeling more comfortable in their own body through top surgery and HRT. "I'm excited to see the changes HRT will give, to speak without fear of hearing a voice that doesn't sound like it's mine," Cyprin shares hopefully. "This is the first major step in my journey and I couldn't be happier to see it realized." Cyprin is a creative person who loves taking care of pets and spending his time creating art of all kinds.


Armin (he/him) is a 20-year-old trans man who has desired to be the gender he associates with since he could remember. He tried various ways such as GoFundMe to seek gender-affirming care and failed due to financial difficulties and lack of funds to support his treatment. A close friend referred him to Point of Pride and he can now receive the gender-affirming care to align his body with his gender. He is very excited to no longer feel dysphoric and feels that it will help his depression caused by his gender dysphoria by boosting his self-confidence. Armin is a full time nursing student set to get his degree in March. Armin has always wanted to be a nurse because his grandmother, who is a nurse, adopted him. Armin loves birds and hopes to own some one day when he is financially stable. 


Emory (she/her) is a 29-year-old trans woman living in Florida who is currently affected by the regressive conservative political climate in her state, as well as deep financial burden. She'd been on and off hormones for a few years due to mental health issues, and just when she tried to access them again, the new transphobic laws went into effect. As a result, Emory wasn't able to secure them in time and has been off hormones for months, resulting in her declining mental health. "HRT lets me live in tandem with my inner soul," Emory shares. "It invites me to feel positive changes in both my body and mind." Because of this grant, she can also now focus on treating her ADHD so that she can properly save up towards other healthcare goals including surgeries. Emory is a self-taught artist, illustrator, designer, and sculptor who wants to eventually make a living solely off her own artwork. She's also a mother to a black cat named Mochi, loves to crochet, and dreams of one day owning a home in the Pacific Northwest.


Azrael (he/him) is a 20-year-old trans man living with significant financial challenges. As an immigrant and college student, he could barely afford textbooks for classes at times, let alone afford healthcare needs. Often, Azrael found himself having to decide whether to buy food to eat or HRT. As a result, he gave up, and resigned himself to never being able to feel happy in his own skin. Now, Azrael is full of hope: "I can't wait to finally sound the way I should, to look the way I want, to have facial hair. I'm excited for the masculine changes in my body and voice to come." Azrael is also a poet and loves arts and crafts. He often crochets clothing items for friends and family.


Alex (he/him) is a 25-year-old graduate student seeking HRT. He grew up in a religious home and only came to terms with his queerness when he left home for college. He struggled to come out as trans publicly because the college he went to was explicitly anti-LGBTQ. Just as Alex began his graduate studies and came to terms with his trans-ness, Florida legislators allowed insurance companies to deny HRT claims. With Florida's rising cost of living, Alex simply couldn't afford the care he needed. Receiving gender-affirming healthcare will enable Alex to live his life as he was always meant to. It will enable him to feel and be seen in his public life as the man he has always been inside. Alex said, "For a long time, I felt that my trans-ness was something I had to keep bottled up and locked away. Coming out as trans was the first step to healing the parts of myself I kept hidden for so long, and starting HRT will be the beginning of finally feeling whole." Alex's studies specialize in neuroscience; his research looks at the connections between sleep and alcohol-use disorder. He hopes to become a professor one day, a role that would not only enable him to advance research in his field but also empower him to nurture and inspire future generations of scientists.


AJ (he/him) is a 24-year-old trans man who started his journey to become the true him. AJ tried to obtain top surgery was denied due to BMI and insurance. While dealing with that challenge, AJ had to discontinue HRT recently due to financial hardship. "Receiving this will be a huge relief for me: I won't have to worry about choosing between paying bills or paying for my healthcare. I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has made it possible for me to be able to receive care like this." AJ is very empathetic and always wears his heart on his sleeve. He is always willing to help anyone out if they need it. AJ is also a big animal lover and worked with an animal rescue for a few years.

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