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Introducing Point of Pride’s 2018 Youth Interns

Point of Pride is proud to announce our inaugural group of youth interns!

Each of these amazing young individuals will be working on a number of fundraising, outreach, and community-building projects both nationally and within their local communities, as well as contributing articles for the Point of Pride blog. We are eternally grateful for their dedication and excited to see young leaders eager to get involved in supporting trans folks.

Alex D.Alex D. (they/them)
Alex is a seventeen year old queer and non-binary individual from Charlotte, North Carolina. They are an activist in their local LGBTQ community and serve as a youth board member of Time Out Youth Center. Alex is super excited to work with Point of Pride this year and to make a difference in the trans community around the globe!

Ryland F.Kaysen F. (he/him)
Kaysen is a musician, a student, and an advocate for human rights. He is a sophomore at JCIB in Birmingham Alabama, and he wanted to become an intern for Point of Pride to help southern trans people have more resources.

Ennis T.Ennis T. (he/him)
Ennis is 16 years old trans guy living in New York where he’s a cadet in the AFJROTC program in his high school and a musician in his Jazz Band. Soon he will be one of the students graduating in the class of 2019 and plans to take his passions of creating and performing music such as jazz to his future. Ennis dreams to make the world a better place, whether to touch hearts with music or raising money through baking or creating crafts, helping the community is one of the drives for this young man.

Kris Z.Kristopher Z. (he/him)
“Hi! My name is Kris (he/him) and I’m going to be a sophomore at Colorado State University, majoring in biology. I like to collect stickers, from literally anything and everything, as well as play DnD (very poorly) with my friends. I am so excited to be interning with Point of Pride this year! I want to use this opportunity to become more involved with and start giving back to the trans community that has supported me through my transition, as well as expand my knowledge on many of the issues the trans community faces.”

Brenna F.Brenna F. (they/them)
“My name is Brenna and I use they/them pronouns. I am currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls and I am majoring in Biology. As an aspiring healthcare provider, one of my main goals with Point of Pride is to advocate for the trans community within healthcare.”

Anna K.Anna K. (they/them)
Anna is a transgender non-binary 16-year-old from Maryland. They are passionate about outreach for the LGBTQ community and are an active member of their school’s GSA which works on education for others about the community. In addition, they have a love for animals and work with horses every weekend.

Devynn T.Devynn T. (he/him)
Devynn is a high school student living in Phoenix, Arizona. He is an active supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, a video editor, and he loves queer culture.

Miguel J.Miguel J. (he/him)
“My names Miguel (he/him) and I’m from Missouri. I’ll be a senior this year. Most of my advocacy work is in policy and social justice. On my free time I do sculpture and paint. #blackexcellence #blm”

Sam Levi S. Sam Levi S. (he/they)
Sam is a high school senior from North Carolina. He enjoys reading, writing, gender theory, podcasts, spoken word, and webcomics. Sam Levi spends most of his free time workshopping leadership opportunities and community organizing events with LGBT Centers across his state.

Marcus M.Marcus M. (he/him)
“I’m a 16-year-old transgender man who has worked on campaigns such as March For Our Lives and legalizing to use of bathrooms for trans folks. I have also been apart of EqualityMaine, Maine People’s Alliance and Outright Lewiston/Auburn. I strive to make the world a better place where people can feel safe.”

Amber A.Amber A. (they/them)
Amber is a genderfluid Psychology major at the University of Pennsylvania. Amber uses any pronouns, but tends towards they/them. In their free time, they enjoy writing overly emotional prose, getting too involved with all of the queer and trans groups on campus, and thinking about how much they miss their three-legged cat.