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Meet Our First-Ever Electrolysis Support Program Recipients: Congrats Summer, Angel, and Zuzanna!

Congratulations to the Electrolysis Support Program’s first-ever recipients: Summer, Angel, and Zuzanna! 

They have been awarded financial assistance towards their gender-affirming hair removal services.

The Electrolysis Support Program provides free or greatly discounted permanent hair removal services for trans femme folks who cannot otherwise afford them. Our first-ever cycle accepted applications earlier this year, and we are proud to provide these three recipients with support!

Summer S.Summer S. is a Native American trans woman from New Mexico with extreme limited financial resources. Hair removal services are a pre-requisite for her upcoming surgery, but are not covered by her insurance as they are deemed “cosmetic.” Not only will receiving this grant help improve her quality of life, but it will help her reach her other health care goals much more quickly. Summer will receive direct financial aid that will cover the cost of expenses for 8-10 hair removal sessions. (For her privacy and safety, she has asked to use an anonymized photo.)

Angel M.Angel M. is currently a student living paycheck to paycheck trying to pursue her education.

Despite struggles with finances and dysphoria, we were inspired by her dreams of being an out and proud Latina transgender actress, and the confidence that hair removal would bring to her life.


Zuzanna H.Zuzanna H. also needs hair removal services not covered by her insurance plan. She is currently dealing with a number of financial challenges that make getting the care she needs difficult, as she is unemployed and homeless at this time. We share her hope that these services will improve her quality of life and help her on her journey.

Both Angel and Zuzanna will receive heavily discounted electrolysis pricing through our partner provider.

We were moved by each and every application we received, and are eager to award additional support to more trans femme folks later in the year. You may learn more and apply for support via our website.

Thank You

We are thankful to our partner provider, Brenda Green Electrolysis in Chicago, IL, for providing generous financial support to benefit Angel and Zuzanna!

To our donors, volunteers and supporters: thank you so much for your generosity in your donations, time, and talent to make this all possible. We cannot do this work without you!