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Point of Pride’s January chest binder mailing breaks records!

This weekend, our volunteers mailed 2,000+ free chest binders to trans folks in need of them – our largest bulk mailing to date!

94% of these recipients are youth. 1 in 3 of them are living with a disability and/or chronic illness. What they all have in common is they identify as trans and cannot afford or safely obtain a chest binder. Many of them tell us they are relying on unsafe binding methods like Ace bandages or duct tape because they don’t have access to a proper binder.

We’re so pleased to be able to provide them with access to safer binding, which in turn allows recipients to live their daily lives more safely, more comfortably, and more joyfully!

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Some fun facts about this mailing:

  • We’ve reached a new milestone of 7,500+ total binders donated. 10,000 – here we come!
  • This mailing served folks in 46 different countries. This is the first time Point of Pride served trans folks living in United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Mauritius, Paraguay, and Serbia. This brings our total country count to 62 countries!
  • This mailing served folks in 42 states and 494 unique zip codes.
  • With this mailing, we have cleared our 2018 waiting list entirely and are now processing 2019 requests. We’re motivated now more than ever to get our waiting times down for our recipients. (We still average 60 new requests every single day, so this is a challenge we’re eager to solve!)
  • We shipped out over 267lbs worth of binders on Saturday alone!

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated their time, money, or gently-used binders to help support this cause! We cannot do this life-changing work without y’all.

PS: Special thanks as always to our generous sponsor gc2b for their ongoing support of our chest binder program. If you are in need of a new chest binder and able to afford one, be sure to check out their awesome, high-quality and affordable products by visiting!