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Point of Pride Awarded Symantec’s 2017 Diversity Grant

We are thrilled to announce that Point of Pride was selected as Symantec’s 2017 Diversity Grant recipient, specifically helping to fund our free chest binder donation program!

Symantec Corporation, a leading cyber security company, helps organizations, governments, and people to secure their most important technology and data. Each year, Symantec dedicates over $20,000 in grants toward non-profit organizations based in Oregon.

Point of Pride applied for financial assistance to support our free binder program, as our waiting list grows every day.

Thanks to this generous grant, our program will receive $1,350 – enough funds to cover the cost to purchase brand-new binders and ship them to every Oregon and Washington state resident currently on our waiting list for these life-changing garments!


Help Us Match This Grant to Double the Impact

We have thousands of folks on our waiting list, with more than 85% of requests coming from youth under the age of 20. Because we have limited resources as a small non-profit, it will be months before many of them will receive their garments. Together, we can cut the waiting list dramatically.

Please donate today to help us reach our goal of raising an additional $1,350 this month to purchase and ship chest binders to trans folks in need of support.

  • $3 is all it takes to make a difference: this covers the cost to ship a free chest binder
  • $15 covers the cost to purchase and ship a brand-new binder
  • $50 covers the cost to purchase and mail two binders plus helps to offset international shipping for recipients who live outside the US

If you can’t make a donation, please consider sharing this page or asking your friends and family to support our work. (Or, you can also donate your gently-used binders to our program!) Thank you for your generosity!