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Point of Pride launches Electrolysis Support Program

Introducing the Electrolysis Support Program

Point of Pride is proud to launch a new initiative to connect trans femme people with permanent hair removal services!

The Electrolysis Support Program connects trans femme people with affirming electrologists for free or heavily-discounted permanent hair removal services. This is important because many insurance companies don’t cover these services, even though it is something that is desperately needed for many.

After all, hair removal is not just cosmetic. For many trans people, it is required by surgeons before certain procedures. For others, hair removal helps with passing in public, which allows us to navigate the world more safely and authentically.

Electrolysis can be a very expensive and long process, making it difficult to afford, so we knew knew we had to help minimize the cost for those who need it. We’ve done the leg work in finding reputable, reliable, and respectful electrologists that support trans people and want to make a difference by helping the most vulnerable members of our community.

Point of Pride’s Electrolysis Support Program is now accepting applications throughout the year.

Are you a trans femme person who cannot afford permanent hair removal services? Learn more and apply