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Solidarity with the Black Community

We recognize that there is vital, time-sensitive work being done towards dismantling systems of oppression all over the country. Racism has and continues to take a toll on the Black community.

While we have always been clear that our work prioritizes trans femme individuals, people of color, members of the disability community, and our elders, we are also called to be more explicit in our support and solidarity to the Black community.

We stand with you. You matter. Your life matters. We value you. 

This commitment also includes accountability. To date, our COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund has identified 131 individuals to provide temporary financial assistance to. Of the funds allocated to those individuals, 75% went to people of color, 44% of whom were Black identified folks. For the month of June, we commit to ensuring that at least 75% of funds go to Black identified recipients.

In light of Philly Trans Wellness Conference being postponed, we are also reallocating the entire budget reserved for the conference to providing grants to Black identified individuals (between 5-8 additional Black community members, depending on their requests).

We are committed to continuing to support members of the Black Community through providing monetary resources, as well as amplifying the voices of Black activists and organizations.

If you have suggestions on how we can continue to improve our support of the Black community, please send them to As you are able to, we also appreciate any donations that you are able to make or request on Point of Pride’s behalf so that we can continue to support our Black siblings.