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Surgery Fund Update: More than 200 applications in first two days!

Point of Pride’s 2017 Transgender Surgery Fund opened to applications two days ago, and in that time, we have received over 200 applications.

This inspires us at Point of Pride because it shows how critical having gender confirming surgery is for many of us, and how difficult it can be to obtain due to a lack of health insurance, expenses due to travel or recovery, or other gaps in medical coverage that exclude trans people. It reminds that community fundraising to help those in need is so important.

It’s always been a difficult challenge for us to select winners for the fund, because every applicant deserves safe and complete access to surgery, and this year it will be even harder for us with so many applicants from different walks of life and stages of transition.


Visit and submit a completed application by November 30, 2016. Finalists will be notified in January 2017. Apply to the Surgery Fund


Every dollar counts: if you can donate just $3 – the cost of a cup of coffee – you can change a life. Please chip in and show your support. Thank you! Donate $3 Now