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#TDOV 2021: Celebrating our beautiful community

We’re celebrating our diverse, beautiful community leading up to Trans Day of Visibility on March 31! Won’t you join in?

To participate, answer one of the following prompts:

💗 “My name is ___ and my point of pride is ___.”
♡ “My name is ___ and my self-care looks like ___.”
💙 “My name is ___ and I’m practicing allyship by ___.”

Collage of various trans people holding signs or with text overlays with one of the TDOV slogans

You can make a sign and snap a selfie, make a digital image — be as creative as you’d like!

Then share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram: be sure to tag Point of Pride in the caption or DM your graphic to us, and we may reshare it!

We can’t wait to see what y’all come up with! #transisbeautiful