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Reporting Impact

The transformational support of tens of thousands of donors through Mercury Stardust's TikTok-a-Thon is changing—and saving—trans lives.

TikTok-a-Thon hosts Mercury, Jory, and Aydian celebrate hitting the $2.2m mark during the livestream

Impact at a glance


people will receive gender-affirming surgery with 100% of their surgical fee covered.


people will receive a year of hormone therapy and telehealth access.


people will receive a $1,250 grant towards their permanent hair removal services.


people will receive a gender-affirming chest binder or femme shapewear.

Read more about how funds have budgeted over the next few years

Your dollars in action

March 2023
in grant award increases
Our 2023 Surgery Fund recipients received immediate increases in their grant awards, bridging their financial gaps to access care.
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July 2023
binders in the mail
With the help of 40 volunteers across two weekend events, we packaged and mailed 2,000+ chest binders.
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Binder ready to be mailed
August 2023
earmarked to reduce chest binder wait times
This additional investment will rapidly serve people on our waiting list, as we continue to receive 60+ new binder requests each day.
October 2023
Electrolysis Support Fund recipients awarded
Roughly 85% of these recipients have dealt with discrimination from an employer, either currently or in the past, due to their trans status. Financial aid awards were also increased by 25%.
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December 2023
HRT Access Fund recipients awarded
77% of recipients live in states considered high risk for anti-trans legislation.
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Recipient smiles widely at camera
January 2024
Renewal Awards launched
An investment of $350,000 will provide Renewal Award grants to past and current recipients of the HRT Access Fund and Electrolysis Support Fund. This vital support will help ensure they can continue to access their ongoing healthcare needs.
February 2024
Annual Trans Surgery Fund recipients awarded
More than $670,000 has been awarded to 47 recipients, enabling them to finally access the surgical care they need and deserve.
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In the months ahead...
More financial aid recipients than ever before
Later in 2024, your donations will provide 60-70 people with access to HRT, 85-100 people with access to permanent hair removal services, and 3,000+ people with free gender-affirming garments.

Get ready as we make history (again)

The 2024 TikTok-a-Thon promises to be the most impactful fundraiser for trans healthcare of all time.

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—Trans Day of Visibility—we'll be streaming live from 2pm–12am CT. There'll be guest appearances and fun and games as we raise life-changing funds.