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2024 HRT Access Fund: Improvements and expansions

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Additional providers

This year, we welcome two new partners—TrueU and The Other Clinic—to our roster of telehealth providers. They join our other partners—PlumeFolxQueerMed, and QueerDoc—as available options for applicants to choose from, depending on their healthcare needs and preferences.

Expanded medication coverage

Recipients of the HRT Access Fund receive prescription cost coverage as part of their grant award. Previously, this coverage was limited to HRT/GAHT medication only: estrogen+, testosterone+, blockers, etc. Now, we've expanded coverage for medications including:

  • supplies: needles, syringes, alcohol preps, a sharps container
  • hair loss medications
  • sexual health medications
  • contraceptives

By offering this expanded coverage, we aim to provide more holistic and comprehensive support for our recipients' individualized healthcare needs.

Post-submission self-care guide

In the application form for the HRT Access Fund (as well as our other financial aid programs), applicants are asked to describe their financial need and the barriers they face to access care. By the very nature of asking these questions, we recognize applicants may experience challenging emotions or memories. In response, we've developed a self-care resource to support folks in processing their feelings and finding a sense of calm after completing their application.

Point of Pride's HRT Access Fund will accept applications May 15–June 30. If you or someone you know needs help accessing HRT, join one of our upcoming webinars where Point of Pride staff will guide you through our application process and answer your questions before you apply: