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Announcing Mercury & Jory's 3rd Annual TikTok-a-Thon for Trans Health!

Mercury & Jory's TikTok-a-Thon for Trans Health!

TikTok-ReportingImpact-HeroLast year, thanks to generous donors and supporters like you, Mercury and Jory raised an incredible $2,000,000+ for trans healthcare.

This year, we aim even higher: to raise an historic $4,000,000, which will provide life-changing support to thousands of trans and non-binary people in need.

The details

Tune in to Mercury's TikTok channel kicking off on Friday, March 29, 2024 at 2pm CT!

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—Trans Day of Visibility—we'll be streaming live from 2pm–12am CT. There'll be guest appearances and fun and games as we raise life-changing funds.

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Please help us reach our first milestone of $1,000,000 before the livestream kicks off on March 29 at 2pm CT! Donate to help us reach this goal by texting the code "TRANSJOY" to 44-321 or clicking the button below.

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The impact

Last year's event had an incredible impact on the most vulnerable members of our community. This year, your donations will continue to fund:

  • Free chest binders and femme shapewear, mailed discretely to recipients in all 50 states (and 120+ countries and counting!) These garments help trans folks live more safely, comfortably, and authentically and come at no cost to recipients.
  • Access to permanent hair removal services, often considered a cosmetic luxury and unaffordable for many in our community.
  • Access to gender-affirming surgery and HRT services for trans folks who lack the financial resources, inclusive health insurance coverage, or geographical ability to obtain their healthcare needs.

In a time when trans rights are being legislated against, when life-saving trans healthcare is being taken away, it’s more important than ever to stand up for what’s right and support the most vulnerable in a community that is already so vulnerable.

Your host

Mercury StardustMercury Stardust, known online as the Trans Handy Ma'am, is a performer, educator, content creator, maintenance professional, best-selling author and award-winning activist. Mercury offers unique expertise beyond her expansive platform: 17 years in home maintenance, 15 years in stage performance and public speaking, and a lifetime of being queer and trans. An emphatic and empathetic storyteller, Mercury draws on all facets of her lived experience to share ideas that engage any audience.

Your co-host

JoryJory, aka AlluringSkull, is a content creator, advocate and artist. During a BLM protest in 2020 she was arrested on LiveStream for protesting peacefully for the rights of Black people nationwide, and that moment was clipped and went viral. The hardships she has faced as a Black Trans woman have shaped the content she makes and has created a space that seeks to help the quality of life of so many marginalized Americans. She has built a platform of over 2.3 Million on TikTok and 132k on Instagram where she regularly shares her insight on social issues, looks, and comedy because she believes advocacy and joy are the keystones of liberation.


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