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Continuing Support: Renewal Awards available for Point of Pride recipients

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Starting in January 2024, Point of Pride will now offer Renewal Award grants to recipients who have already been funded for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and permanent hair removal services. These grants are designed to amplify their existing grant awards and help them access ongoing healthcare needs.

Recipients of the HRT Access Fund may receive funding for a maximum of two Renewal Awards. Upon first funding, recipients will receive 66% of their original grant award, and upon second funding, 33%.

Recipients of the Electrolysis Support Fund may also receive funding for up to two Renewal Awards, with each award amounting to an additional $1,250.

"Many of our recipients face financial constraints or other obstacles, preventing them from continuing essential gender-affirming care once their initial grant is exhausted," says Tyler Rodriguez, Program Manager. "This initiative extends crucial support, ensuring continued access to necessary care."

This endeavor owes its success to the generous contributions of our donors, particularly those who contributed during the 2023 TikTok-a-Thon for Trans Health. We extend special gratitude to the event's fundraisers, Mercury Stardust and Jory, for their unwavering dedication to our collective goal of fostering inclusive healthcare for our community.