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2023 Annual Trans Surgery Fund: Recipients Awarded $213,800

Note: This announcement was originally published on March 30, 2023 and included a grand total award of $170,000 for all recipients. Following the success of Mercury Stardust's TikTok-a-Thon, we immediately increased these recipients' grant awards so their surgical fee was 100% covered without the need for recipients to dip into their savings. Thank you to everyone who donated and made this possible!

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!

Together, these recipients have been awarded a total of $213,800 in financial assistance towards their gender-affirming surgeries. With this funding, each of them has the resources to afford their respective surgical expenses and receive the care they so urgently need.

At a glance:

  • 5 recipients are youth under 24
  • 3 recipients are over the age of 40
  • 11 recipients are people of color
  • Nearly all (15 recipients) have dealt with homelessness/housing insecurity, either currently or in the past
  • 11 recipients have dealt with discrimination from a healthcare provider, either currently or in the past
  • 11 recipients have dealt with discrimination from an employer, either currently or in the past
  • 10 recipients are living with a disability or chronic illness
  • Many of these recipients note being the primary caregiver for a child, elder, parent, and/or partner.
  • Many of these recipients also live in areas of the country where finding trans-competent doctors is a challenge or impossible.

Meet the 2023 recipients:

Note: This cycle, we received 1,063 applications. Our team wishes to acknowledge the process of selecting recipients with our limited financial resources (paired with the current political attacks against trans healthcare) is extremely challenging. Every person deserves access to necessary and affirming healthcare.


Thank you

To our donors, Community Grantmaking Fellows, volunteers and supporters: thank you so much for your generosity in your donations, time, and talent to make this all possible. We could not do this life-changing work without you.

We wish to also especially acknowledge the generous and continued sponsorship of:

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Looking to the future

Applications for the next cycle will be accepted online beginning November 1, 2023. Learn more about the program

You can help change the lives of future recipients. The average gift we receive is under $35, but every dollar makes a difference.

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